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My new release, A Figurative Crowd scheduled June 2015. Enjoy.


















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Steven Gores'  "Wordless Way" CD, is an eclectic mix of piano instrumentals that  combines neo-classic sounds with a bit of rag and jazz. In the video posted here, the fusing of original art by Paul Rolfes has been a creative venture-- there is so much to gain from sharing in a creative force. More compilation videos of Steve's music are on his youtube channel, aptly named "steven gores".



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New CD available Oct. 2, 2015

  • 12/16/2017
    Free Ceramics - Helena, MT

Lincoln MT, Oct 3, 2015 Concert

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Lincoln MT Concert



Had a great night in Lincoln MT. playing in the Teepee burner.

I'm grateful for the appreciative audience.